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« to have a body means the same as possessing the Universe . All the experiences and memories from the past are collected and stored within us. But I wonder where these universal experiments within us are. I believe they are in the heart. The soul contains the Universe. »
Kazuo Ohno
Butô de la Lumière

« Buto of Light » plays a fundamental role in my teaching. It was born from a meeting with Buto, a special teaching which came from Japan by Tanaka Min and Kazuo Ohno, and from my experimentation in Nature and Sri Aurobindo Integral Yoga. It also comes from my inner transformation.

Buto Origins

Buto Dance was born in Japon, in the 70’s, in reaction to Hiroshima. It is called « darkness-dance » and emmerged from the ruins of Hiroshima . At first, Buto was a cry, a catharsis to express this human madness, and show our devils to the world. It was much inspired by Antonin Artaud Absurd Theater, and digs in the deep roots of Shintoism, the first animist religion of Japan , and Zen Boudhism. Since then, it has evolved into differents streams.

Buto is a dance and also a philosophical behaviour. There is no specific style, but a special state of mind where the body, free from all predefined forms,  can express, speak and name what is present in itself, without judgment or forethought .

Kazuo Ohno, was, with Hijikata, a pionner of Buto, and was also a man of faith . He brings hope of redemption after the confrontation of death. He considered Buto as « Soul Dance ». The soul being eternal, we dance further than life and death, in a state of grace …..

Le butô est une danse et aussi une pensée philosophique
  • le Butô de la nature
  • le Butô de la nature
  • le Butô de la nature
  • le Butô de la nature

Nature and Buto

In the Shintoist tradition, a kami or spirit, is living in every tree, stone, bird. This animistic or chamanistic vision is present in the Buto dancer, who is never alone when dancing. Tanaka Min, when he initiated me to Buto of Nature, taught me how the roots of Shintoism came from Nature. How to become One with Nature, Elements, Surroundings, the Other one, the Universe…to abolish the border between the body inside and outside, and become a « medium of the place ».

This fundamental research, called the « body forecast laboratory », was passed on to me .

Buto of Light

« We dance with saccato gestures like puppets. We don’t know anymore how to draw from the depths of our being, how to disappear in our intimate self, how to transform the scenarios of our dreams in harmonious reality » wrote Isadora Duncan, in 1921 (the Dance of Future)

Traditionnal Buto focuses on subconcious and darkness. In Buto of Light, Light brights up Darkness. We are divine beings embodied in flesh. By opening our heart cup, we can receive light, down in the heart of our cells, elevating our vibration, transforming our own matter.

Buto of Light is also inspired by Integral Yoga of Shri Aurobindo. He said, « the purpose of this yoga is different from others yoga. It is not to climb and awake kundalini or rising energy force, but to go down, not only going to eternal peace, but to transform life and matter, and first , this little bit of matter that we are.

When Peace is established, the spiritual force, or Divine force, is able to come down from the upper level, and work within us, it is working to a perfectionning process for the liberation of our Being. » Satprem, (the state of mind of the cells )

Isadora Elizabeth Duncan
  • Butô de la Lumière

An alchemic dance

In Buto, everything is living together without judgment. Rubbing the ego boarders, our body can express what is deeply in our memory cells, our own memory as well as the collective memory. The contact to the obscure chambers of human beings is not a annhilition to the shadow of death but rather a way to bare ourselves from all that is not our true Self.

In the extreme slowing down meditating dance, going down into the deepest of our Being, we become a benevolent witness. We are aware of this « shadow theater »,  which is in us, welcoming it in the opened cup of our heart, doing a perfect alchemy between light and shadow. Our cells open themselves to the light that they have always known…..

Awakening in the heart of matter

« Body becomes transparent and is there with the aid of soul and spirit » Isadora Duncan (Danse of Future)

As the charming prince’s kiss wakes up sleeping beauty, Light comes down to awaken our dormant matter from it’s long soul night. The vibration of our own cells, unencumbered of it’s burden, rises up. Our body becomes lighter, more transparent, more fluid, as if illuminated from the inside. It is transfiguration . Our cells sing and dance « yes ».

Our dance becomes a thanksgiving…..we restore our true solar nature. We open the eyes of our soul, look at the world anew with love .

Amazed by its beauty, we celebrate life with a loving and healing dance given for the Earth and ourself as well.

Fabienne Courmont

L’éveil au cœur de la matière


Programme international de Formation à la Danse de l’Être©

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LA FORMATION se déroule sur 3 cycles.

Elle s’adresse aux personnes désireuses de cheminer vers la connaissance de soi à travers une approche Holistique de la Danse-thérapie.
Le cycle III est ouvert aux personnes ayant suivi les deux premiers cycles et désireuses d’intégrer la Danse de l’Être dans leur activité professionnelle (artiste, danseur, thérapeute, art-thérapeute, éducateur, enseignant…)

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