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«To reveal Beings to themselves, to their true self to liberate them from their shackles to let them discover the divine part within»
Isadora Duncan

Dance of Being©

Contemporary Sacred Dance

« To reveal Beings to themselves, to their true self
to liberate them from their shackles
to let them discover the divine part within »

Isadora Duncan

Connexion to sacred traditions

« Dance of Being » is an initiatic journey through Dance, discovering the wonderfull experience of ou own Being revelation.

It takes is inspiration from Nature and differents traditions unifying body, soul and spirit : «  taichi, Buto, No-theather, Shinto, Chamanic dance, Indian sacred dance, Dervich dance. Its embodies the renewal free expression, in continuation of Isadora Dunca lignage, what she called the Dance of the Future.

This dance has been created by Fabienne Courmont. It is the fruit of 30 years ‘experience throught the research of an universal language that express, like the greecs philosophers, the Beautifull, the Good, the Truth, in Man.

Holistic Dance Therapy

Dance therapy is based on « energy life principle », eveywhere existing. it is inviting each of us to let the energy flow of life carry us, as to connect again with perpetual and natural movement, dear to Isadora.

The « technics » is the life perpetual movement participating to all forms.When energy is freely moving within us, there is harmony. Then, the word « therapy » keeps his ethymological meaning « which is harmonizing, bringing to harmony », the therapist is the life energy itself.

To surrender to this energy movement, leads to liberate oneself from our limits and memories which contraints our Being to express freely. Then, we contact the eternal, timeless ?, sacred, Dance Essence, bridge between sky and earth.

Dance of Being is also a scholl life proposal, to let express body in what is present in itseflf, without a priori, liberating from all forms coming from outside. By letting the inner movement birthing from deep inside, we transform shadow into light and free « cells memories ». It is then, an alchemic dance that allow every gesture metamorphosis to be lived as a bloomery of the soul.

As a heart path, this dance gives clue to become our own life artist. It comes from an holistic approach, : (holistic comes from Holos, total, global) bringing harmony in all levels, physical, energetical, emotionnal, mental and spiritual.)

To reveal Being in oneself

Dance of Being invites us to become our own life artist. Further than Dance, it is an Art of living.

Grounding Dance, to connect to our deep rooths.
Elevation dance, to bring us back to our earth -sky – axis, to listen to our intuition.
Ying Yang dance, to harmonize our polarities.
Energy dance, to liberate our tensions and emphasize our creativity.
Alchemic dance, to transform darkness to light and liberate our cells memories.
Heart dance, to elevate our vibration to Love frequency, the Being vibration itself.
Spirital dance, to lead us to our own life wheel.
Offering dance, to celebrate Oneness and Beauty in Creation.

Reacheable to everyone aware that body is a key to join the Being, « Dance of Being » is a path to selfknowledge. No experience of body motion is necessary, loving Dance itself is mostly important.

Pratical uses :

Following courses and sessions

It is possible to discover and practice Dance of Being during workshop and initiatic journeys given by Fabienne Courmont, or to folow sessions with practionners agreed by Fabienne Courmont Method, « Dance of Being ».
Each course is an initatic journey exploring basic themes, and including different sessions of Dance of Being.
Tanaka massage, visualisation, sharing time, work out to integrate the intimate body sensation towards our life path.

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the dance’s course is build in 3 cycles. It’s a path toward self knowledge, throught holistic approach of dance therapy.

The 3rd cycle allows to integrate « Dance of Being » into professional activities, (artist, dancer therapist, art-therapist, educational, teacher).

Creations and performances

Master class with Fabienne Courmont are opened to confirmed dancers with stages experiences


Fabienne nous fait voyager à travers différentes dimensions de l’Être…

« Hymne à la Vie »

Boléro de Ravel

Dans ce spectacle, en hommage à Isadora Duncan, initiatrice de la danse libre au début du siècle dernier, Fabienne nous fait voyager à travers différentes dimensions de l’Être, voir les spectacles…

« Traces de Lumière »

Spectacle Calligraphie et Chorégraphie

Dans l’élan de l’instant, le mouvement jaillit du dedans, se déploie dans l’espace, se pose et laisse une trace, trace de lumière. voir les spectacles…

« Le Réveil d’Isis »

Spectacle chorégraphique

Ce spectacle s’inspire de différentes traditions pour rejoindre un langage universel. Fabienne nous fait voyager dans toutes les dimensions de l’Être au féminin : fille, femme, mère, femme sauvage et déesse… voir les spectacles…

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Voyage initiatique à travers la danse

Relier le corps et l’esprit


Programme international de Formation à la Danse de l’Être©

Certifiée par le CID (Conseil International de la Danse – Unesco)
avec Fabienne Courmont


LA FORMATION se déroule sur 3 cycles.

Elle s’adresse aux personnes désireuses de cheminer vers la connaissance de soi à travers une approche Holistique de la Danse-thérapie.
Le cycle III est ouvert aux personnes ayant suivi les deux premiers cycles et désireuses d’intégrer la Danse de l’Être dans leur activité professionnelle (artiste, danseur, thérapeute, art-thérapeute, éducateur, enseignant…)

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