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« There are a thousand ways to reach the being. I choose the dance one . My dance is a life offering. »
Fabienne Courmont

Pathway of life

There are a thousand ways to reach the being.
I choose the dance one .
My dance is a life offering.

I’m part of a dancer’s lineage that weaves the canvas of dance since time immemorial, celebrating life and connecting earth , sky, matter and spirit .

Within , my desire is to restore the essential, timeless, sacred dance.

Bringing Art back into the heart of life, my desire is , through Dance Art, to inspire people to journey into themselves, find beauty , and to elevate their vibrations. This quest has led me through an initiatic journey of dance art, a path began 30 years ago on a world tour, looking for a universal language.

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Round around the world

St Francisco and Isadora Duncan

In 1984, researching the traditionnal sacred movement expressions, I began my world-wide tour at Isadora Duncan’s native town, San Fransico. I gave my first shows of « inspired and free dance ».

Isadora, a visionary woman of modern dance at the beginning of the last century, found her inspirational source in Nature and Ancient Greece. Her path was the call for Beauty, Goodness and Truth, in its noblest points in Art. She opened the path with which I created « Dance of Being ».

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Japon and Buto

After San Francisco, came the experience of Japan where I deepened my study of Buto dance with Tanaka Min who I had first met in France, and with Kazuo Ohno (co-founder of Buto). Buto, so called « darkness dance » was born on the rubbles of Hiroshima . Buto brought me a deep interiority, allowing me to contact the « obscure psychic chambers of the human being », without pre-judgement throught free body motion. All my rules of dance exploded , allowing me to find the true reality of dance . The « dance of being ».

With the « body forecast laboratory » from Tanaka Min and Buto of Nature, I connected again to my deep shamanistic roots. Since then, Nature has been a great source of inspiration.

Isadora was still present when I was following her path without me knowing it !

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India and sacred dance

India lit up the fire of sacred dance within me . I was taught and initiated in Bharata Nathyam in Madras by Swarna Mukhi, a coronated dancer who’s father restored forgotten gestures in old temples. His contribution brought to the fore the nobility of indian dance which had unfortunately fallen into obscurity during the British colonisation .

This movement research, studying from ancient statuary, fascinated me. I understood why later, visiting Greece, following Isadora Duncan’s footsteps.

Then, I increased my study of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings in Auroville and Pondicherry. They gave me access to the global dimension of the being « that all embrace, from the deepest sides of matters to the highest peaks of spirituality ». The goals of Integrated yoga from Sri Aurobindo is to spiritualise matter up to the heart cell.

Following the search to find a dance which links body, soul & spirit, that is to « make matter divine » this teaching helped me to understand the meaning of the descent to the abyss of Buto . Then I could discover  the « sun who stayed in darkness, the well of honey covered by a rock » (rig veda). It is from this point that I would later create Buto of Light, one of the most essential bases of the Dance of Being.

In my deepest heart

After my world wide tour, from 85 to 97, I used to travel between France and Austria, with an austrian dancer that I met in Japan. To increase my understanding of Buto and « body forecast laboratory » we used to danced in Nature, in the surroundings of the Salzburg mountain , in the city. We opened a path that we called « the underground river », crossing Salzbourg fountains, Off festivals, Vienna parks, alternativs theatres.

Then I folowed my own path in France, and gave my first shows of sacred dance in the « meeting of sacred dance » initiated by Golovine Teachers in Avignon festival.

I wanted to deeply understand human being at all levels, : physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Between 88 and 93 I went on to train myself in Quebec & the USA, in holistic therapy, and using contact relationships to help people.

This personal transformation gave me the legitimacy to register dance in the heart of life and in inner pathway .

Determining encounters

Meeting the soufi tradition

The connexion with sufi and the dervish tradition, a beautifull heart path, occured severals times , meeting Mohamed Boustane , an internationally well known calligraphist from Marocco.

We developped some research about the art of moving , breathing, and calligraphy. We created workshops and events in France and in Marocco. « Dance of Letters », dancing calligraphy.

Crossing the road of Raymond Duncan grand son

Some years ago, a friend was giving a conference at home. By an extraordinary chance, one guest came to me and introduced himself. It was Raymond Duncan’s grand son ! Raymond was Isadora’s brother, her collaborator in all her research on ancient Greece.

He even created a special vocabulary inspired by greek statuary and sacred vessels. He passed on to me more gestures and philosophical teachings.

From then on, our warm friendship nourrished even more my connection with Isadora.

Consecration : meeting with Alkis Raftis and the CID

Puis vint enfin la consécration avec l’invitation en 2012 de participer au premier Congrès Mondial de recherche en danse-thérapie à Athènes organisé par le Conseil International de la Danse (C I D) dont le président, le Pr Alkis Raftis, est spécialiste d’Isadora Duncan.
Lors de ma présentation où je lui rendais hommage, il reconnut mon chemin et ma filiation à cette grande dame de la danse. Il m’encourage depuis à transmettre son message philosophique et artistique à travers stages, Masterclass et le spectacle donné pour la première fois à Athènes en juin 2014 « Isadora, la Danse de l’Avenir ».

Le prochain pas est le Congrès Mondial de Recherche en Danse que j’organise avec mon équipe de danseuse de l’Être à Avignon où la recherche en danse-thérapie et Isadora Duncan seront à l’honneur !

Towards an universal language.

After all these travelling years and inner research, an inspired alchemy has been born , grown out of the essence of all these traditions, far from external forms, mixed with my deep connection with Nature and my own personal growth. I express myself as a light weaver, creating links with beings, people, dance and differents artistic expressions.

As a synthesis, a teaching is born : « Dance of being » that I have passed on to people of all walks of life for 12 years now .

« My dance is the expression of Universal Nature, and of the Good , Beauty, and Truth in each of us »

Fabienne Courmont


Programme international de Formation à la Danse de l’Être©

Certifiée par le CID (Conseil International de la Danse – Unesco)
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LA FORMATION se déroule sur 3 cycles.

Elle s’adresse aux personnes désireuses de cheminer vers la connaissance de soi à travers une approche Holistique de la Danse-thérapie.
Le cycle III est ouvert aux personnes ayant suivi les deux premiers cycles et désireuses d’intégrer la Danse de l’Être dans leur activité professionnelle (artiste, danseur, thérapeute, art-thérapeute, éducateur, enseignant…)

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